A suitable truck will help the goods transport efficiently, safely and can also save transportation costs.

However, not everyone has the experience to choose how to rent a truck.

Therefore, with experience connecting more than 10,000 car owners across the country, Dai Nam will provide information for you to choose the most suitable truck.

First, to choose what kind of truck, you determine the amount of goods and type of goods to transport. This is probably one of the most basic steps when you want to rent a cargo truck.

Determining the type of cargo and volume will help you choose the truck that suits you best.

Determining the right volume of cargo will help you easier and have more options.

After determining the above two factors, let’s dive into the selection of trucks according to each of the criteria below.

1. Select a truck by weight 

This is the most basic way of choosing a car, after you have had the volume of goods transported, you only need to find out the truck size to choose the right vehicle.

The vehicle load may be slightly larger than the weight of goods transported.

For example: 1 ton or 2 tons of cargo you can choose 1 ton or 2 tons for transport.

However, if the goods are light, please calculate by volume to ensure the goods fit into the space of the car. 

Light goods such as: paper, cloth bales, foam boxes.

2. Select car body

In addition to size, the type of trunk is another factor that you should consider when transporting goods. On the market there are types of bins such as:

  • Sealed trucks : Suitable for goods that need to be preserved, easily affected by weather conditions

  • Mezzanine trucks : Suitable for items that are not affected by weather conditions, with large sizes such as iron, rolled steel, machinery, construction materials.

  • Trucks with tarpaulin  are trucks with a combined container and mezzanine tank. Trucks can both avoid outside conditions, and can ensure air circulation more cool than closed trucks.

  • Refrigerated trucks : Suitable for goods that need insulation, goods that need to be refrigerated such as frozen foods, chemicals, flowers, fruits, etc.

  • Dump truck : Dump truck is designed for easy loading and unloading, transporting bulk items such as coal, construction materials: sand, stone, gravel, …

Update: Dich vu boc xep hang hoa

3. Select a vehicle according to its transportation distance

You think the distance of transportation does not affect the choice of truck.

Then you should reconsider it!

With small distances, it is reasonable to choose a small car, but if it is farther from one area to another or North-South transport, it is better to choose a heavy truck to transport. These vehicles have high durability, great traction suitable for long distances.

But the question is if you only need to transport goods in such a large volume?

You can fully pair the car to transport goods. This can also save significant cost compared to renting a whole car.

In addition, you should also consider when using a large car when transporting to upland terrain such as Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Son La and Lao Cai. If you need to split into small cars to easily move and ensure safety for people and goods.

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